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How to Add a Little Yoga into Your Daily Life

My Yoga Life is all about adding bits of yoga into your daily life to re-energize, eliminate aches and pains from sitting or standing too much, reduce chance of injury from gardening/housecleaning/play, get re-motivated!

Small amounts of simple, easy yoga bends, stretches and twists throughout your day – at the Beginning, During and End of any activity – will rejuvenate your life and reduce potential of a stiff, achy body or injury from doing what you love.

Try out some of Susie’s 3-to-5 minute YouTube
My Yoga Life videos

Learn to use Yoga in all kinds of real life settings: in the car, at the office, cooking in the kitchen, in the doctor’s waiting room, at the Starbucks, at the Apple or Microsoft stores!, on a road trip, on an airplane, at the movie theater and many more!

Download Susie’s mindful, feel good yoga instruction videos at her Vimeo On Demand page

MINDFUL, FEEL GOOD YOGA CLASS (60 minutes) – Designed for anyone who thinks they are ‘too stiff’ to do yoga! Great for young adults, middle age adults and baby boomers. Gentle transitions plus clear and constant verbal cues to help focus on breathing  for peace and mindfulness, how to do get in and out of poses, and safe alternatives for beginners thru intermediates. Do as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing.

YOGA FOR THE GARDENER – Avoid stiffness, aches, pains and injury from too much of a good day in the garden with Yoga BEFORE, DURING and AFTER gardening. Narrated and sub-titled makes it very easy to follow. Great for all ages and especially good for BABY BOOMERS and SENIORS. Try and be delighted at how good you feel and how beautiful your garden looks!

GUIDED MEDITATION by Susie – 30-minutes of guided relaxation, sending light throughout your body to stop the “analysis paralysis” and “monkey mind” for remarkable peace and release from stress and tension. mindfulness.

YOGA ON THE FLOOR – Easy floor stretches and Yoga with Susie in her ashram/livingroom. Simple, refreshing way to start or end your day.


Susie presents YOGA WORKSHOPS tailored to your business, your school, your specific work demands or play. Youth and adults all find that easy, everyday yoga calms their minds and relaxes their bodies for greater productivity, accomplishment, satisfaction and JOY!

Great for staff, employees, teachers, administrators, students, counselors, and specialty environments like dental and medical offices, fast-food workers, office workers at desks all day, coffee house baristas, construction workers, IT computer pros and more.

Garden Clubs say Susie is “energetic and engaging!”

Yoga for Gardeners – Kathie from Brea, CA – 09/12/2018
Susie gave a wonderful presentation on Yoga for Gardeners with a great demonstration video. She led us in the exercises and inspired us to move carefully as we garden. Very inspiring. I highly recommend Susie as a garden club speaker.”

Excellent Speaker – Margaret Harris from Whittier, CA – 09/10/2018
Our Garden Thyme Club has greatly enjoyed 2 programs by Susie. Monarch Butterflies & also Yoga for Gardeners. She is a very engaging & energetic speaker & we all had a good time with her as speaker!”


Namaste! Make it a BETTER day!

Susie Teaches Yoga Classes

Wednesday 10am to 11:30am 
Hatha Yoga for all levels, Beginners welcome
24 Hour Fitness Orange Active Club
3521 E. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA

Wednesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Hatha Yoga for all levels, Beginners welcome
24 Hour Fitness Orange Active Club
3521 E. Chapman Ave, Orange, CA

Friday 11am to Noon 
Hatha Yoga for all levels, Beginners welcome
24 Hour Fitness Orange Super Sport Club
2102 N Tustin Ave, Orange, CA

Susie Teaches Meditation

Susie is a Certified Teacher in Actualism Meditation. She is available by private appointment to teach this practice for

  • mindfulness,
  • quieting and directing thought towards greater self-awareness,
  • opening up to creativity and problem solving,
  • stress management, life balance, productivity
  • self-acceptance and peace of mind\

Actualism, rather than mind-emptying, directs thoughts to focus light energy throughout the mind and body. It is based on the concept:
Thought directs energy, Energy follows thought.” Russell Scofield, Actualism Founder

Contact Susie for more information and to arrange an appointment:

Susie teaches Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is for older adults, generally 50 and older. Her students range from
50 to 92 years young! Energetic, enthusiastic and fun low impact dance exercise.
Susie has taught and performed modern and jazz dance for 50 years. She is consummate at helping non-dancers learn how to DANCE and enjoy the process! Unique to Susie’s classes are that she also has created and directs her students in a performance group, SOS (Seniors Over Sixty) Dance Crew. The Crew does Flash Mobs at various festivals and entertains the elderly at assisted living/memory care facilities. To learn more and watch videos of the crew in action, go to

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am to 10:30am
Custom Bodies Fitness
Momentous Sports Center
14522 Myford Rd
Irvine, CA 92614
(Door to Custom Bodies Fitness is a single door on the south side of the building).

Yoga for the Gardener
Yoga for Dentists
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