Abounds in every life, regardless of gender, economic, religious, ethnic boundaries. It is a fact of life, a part of the human experience.


    Is not a necessity; it is more a learned attitude about how we deal with life's demands including our ability or inability to draw boundaries, to make choices that support our dreams and actual design as an individual, and to release negative perceptions of who we are.


    Is a worthy and attainable goal for all our lives. We find ourselves in a peak performance, joyful life stance as we learn and apply healthy emotional, physical, mental and spiritual coping skills provided through the De-Stress for Success® Workbook and Workshops.

The Vanderlip’s are devoted to guiding others to freedom from unhealthy levels of stress that arise from our work, homes, society, peer pressure, family and personal attitudes

Burnout can be overcome, if not avoided, when we can see we have choices; and CHOICES are revealed in the quiet moments of meditation; a deep breathing exercise; a yoga asana (position) where our mind is occupied by inner focus; when we our deepest fears are made manageable by reframing, reality checks, talking it out, journaling away the concerns – assumptions – resentments – and energy-sapping thoughts lingering in our minds.

The BODY, the MIND, and the SPIRIT respond to the simplest of stress management effort – and find harmony, peace, rejuvenated health and energy, BALANCE.

Key number one is to identify our individual stress cycles, learn new ways to react and respond, catch ourselves at the beginning of stressful situations and practice the new CHOICE. It becomes easier and, eventually, a productive and fulfilling lifestyle as we accept our right and reasonability to self-nurture all aspects of who we are.

Our Mission

“We believe the only way to reduce stress and acquire the lifestyle that we desire is to first and foremost experience what it is to be unstressed/at peace, and then to learn and practice the tools that empower us to recreate and maintain that experience. Through workshops, seminars trainings and personal coaching for adults and youth in corporate, organization, school, and family settings, we provide the opportunity for others to achieve this greater satisfaction in all areas of their lives.”