Awareness, Acceptance and Action are keys
to managing stress in positive ways

Be Aware of exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, worry, fear, judge mentalism and anger. Accept these states of mind and emotions simply as symptoms of too much stress. Take Action and acquire the tools and training to De-Stress for Success


A comprehensive eBook and media Pack with Yoga for the Office, Emotional Self-Defense, Progressive Muscle Relaxation + 2 CD’s with Guided Meditations and more
OR Apple iBook with total embedded media.

eBook and Media Pack/Apple iBook with embedded Media

The eBook/iBook is derived from the combined wisdom of 50 years teaching, coaching, clinical psychology practice, martial arts, dance, yoga, meditation and more – with something everyone can relate to and something for every area of your life: your Body, your Mind and your Spirit. Special material is included for EMDR practitioners, providing Phase 2 Resourcing Tools, good for clients and for therapist self-care.

The Body

On the DVD, you will find YOGA FOR THE OFFICE/CLASSROOM where Susie guides everyone, from total novice through active individual, in simple, profoundly relaxing yoga to do at the office, in the classroom, in public, or at home – wherever and whenever the tension and stress strike.

Get a good night’s sleep with Dr. Ken’s quick and effective Progressive Muscle Relaxation AND his own original Emotional Self-Defense© derived from 40 years as a Sensei and 4th degree black belt in Judo.

The Mind

The Workbook is filled with encouraging tools to uplift our thoughts and attitudes and motivate positive self-care.

These are all tools actively used by both Dr. Ken and Susie personally and with clients in practice and coaching experiences.

The Spirit

Reward yourself with the ultimate relaxing Guided Meditations on CD that you’re ever likely to experience. Dr. Ken’s deep resonant voice has guided thousands of people to peace, calm and problem resolution that profoundly enriches their lives.

Plus Susie’s guided meditations on the CD have given thousands of teens, teachers, school counselors and parents their first taste of a quiet and peaceful mind! Once felt, it’s easy to return to that special place to relax, refresh and find answers in our lives.

The Workbook will refresh your Body, your Mind and your Spirit
with an amazing set of tools and techniques derived from

Clinical Psychology

Martial Arts


12-Step Programs

Meditation (Actualism)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Emotional Self-Defense©

Hatha Yoga and more