Counselors and Teachers relate to Susie

Ever had a Teacher In-Service or a Conference Keynote where EVERYONE put their newspapers down, were fully engaged, stayed until the very end BY CHOICE, and gave prolific complements to YOU, the event coordinator, afterwards? We guarantee you will get these results when you bring Susie Vanderlip and the profoundly moving LEGACY OF HOPE® program to your staff development or conference.

“You could not go wrong with Susie Vanderlip. She held our audience’s attention like no one has in years. We are still talking about her great message and delivery a month after her show.”

Dr. Russ Crawford, Lee County School Counselors Association, President

Schedule Legacy of Hope® for

Teacher-in-service or staff development

Conference keynote for professional associations

Community/Parent Awareness programs

Trainings on Specific Teen and Family Issues including

Stress Management & Life Fulfillment for Professionals

School Assemblies

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