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STRESS exists in every life, perhaps now more than ever with the added barrage of contact through social media and digital connection, political issues, financial strain. Regardless of gender, economic, religious or ethnic boundaries, stress is a fact of life, a part of the human experience. Today, more than ever, mindfulness and time for a quiet mind are critical to sustaining top performance and life satisfaction.

EXCESS STRESS is not a necessity though more and more it has become the norm. It is more a learned attitude about how we deal with life’s demands. We can, and often must for our health and well-being, learn MINDFULNESS, a quiet mind, the ability to draw boundaries, find ways to identify and pursue the choices that support our dreams and our true purposes in life.  We all need tools to release overwhelm, negative thoughts and feelings, inaccurate assumptions and unrealistic expectations. Here is help to truly clear out the negative and gain positive attitudes and perceptions of ourselves and others that bring fulfillment, peace, success and joy back into our lives. 

LIFE BALANCE is attainable THROUGH MINDFULNESS, AWARENESS, RELAXATION SKILLS. As we learn and apply healthy emotional, physical, mental and spiritual coping skills, we can even achieve peak performance in all our life endeavors, both personal and professional, and experience happier, more hopeful and joy-filled lives.

DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® Workbook and Workshops provide the very succinct and real skills for practical mindfulness, peace of mind, stress reduction, gratifying choices and well-being that nurtures physical, emotional and mental health.

Workbook and Media Pack

A 230-page easy-to-read yet comprehensive Workbook PLUS DVD with ‘Yoga for the Office’, ‘Emotional Self-Defense’, Progressive Muscle Relaxation + 2 CD’s with Guided Meditations that provide mindfulness and profound quietness of mind.

Don’t let one more day go by feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, worried, just plain “tired of being tired of it all” – Here is REAL HELP for REAL WORLD LIVING!

The Workbook is the combined wisdom of 45 years teaching, coaching, clinical psychology practice, martial arts, dance, yoga, mindful meditation and more – with something everyone can relate to and something for every area of your life: your Body, your Mind and your Spirit.


This Workshop is for every adult and youth experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, worry, fear and STRESS in their lives. That means ALL of us!

Even in the most demanding and uncertain times, greater calm, confidence, peace of mind, acceptance and clarity of choices is possible. Mindfulness and stress management are learned and, when used in everyday life situations, make life easier, healthier and more manageable. 

Dr. Ken Vanderlip and Susie Vanderlip share the experience, strength and skills of two dedicated lives in psychology, meditation, yoga, martial arts, 12-step tools, and professional speaking. Married since 1984, they radiate acceptance, depth of understanding, compassion and encouragement that make their message comfortable, entertaining, practical and very real to every life. 


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