Greater motivation and HOPE, inspiring new ideas, new actions and positive change.

Susie Vanderlip is an expert on HOPE, providing compassionate inspiration and guidance to both adults and their families. Her proven “Broadway-class” presentation skills earned her the National Speakers Association coveted induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame and receipt of the CPAE Award.

Outcome of Susie Vanderlip’s work with business and organizations

Schedule Legacy of Hope® for…

Employee awareness, motivation and HOPE

Professional Association conferences and conventions

Spousal programs that are UNFORGETTABLE and LIFE-CHANGING

Seminars and Trainings

Sponsor programs for Schools, Churches, and other teen and family issues Events

Stress Management & Life Fulfillment

Clients have included tens of thousands of …

Corporate professionals

Mental Health professionals

Educators and Administrators from elementary school thru universities

Orthodontists and Medical Professionals

Crime Prevention Officers and Police Officers

Juvenile Justice from staff to probation officers to judges

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