Engaging Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle DVD – 2nd Grade Life Science Curriculum!

30 MINUTES of highly animated, narrated and entertaining information about the Monarch Butterfly stages including egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. See amazing video of a Monarch caterpillar creating its chrysalis – a moment in the life of Monarchs not seen by many people. Plus The Story of Chester video – thoroughly engaging for children K-2.

Also great to share with kids and grandkids, applicable for homeschooling and in-class life science curriculum on the life cycle of butterflies, meeting state standards.


  • 30-minutes of brilliantly colored animated PowerPoint slides, two amazing videos with live-action and story, and questions and answers to spark creativity in children. Promotes science and literacy and creativity.
  • The Story of Chester Video with enthralling footage of a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis; live-action 10-minute video
  • Creating a Chrysalis Video with amazing, real-life footage of a Monarch caterpillar creating its chrysalis; 5-minute video
  • Automated slides on the creative process – encouraging children to follow their interests and dreams

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