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In today’s chaotic world, youth and families need Legacy of Hope® – A profoundly moving and thought-provoking message to keep youth safe and guide them to healthy mental and emotional well-being so they can become all they are meant to be.  Susie Vanderlip has been a motivational youth speaker for 25 years, reaching over one million youth and adults across the US and Canada. She speaks from a vast depth of experience including in-depth support groups with over 25,000 teens across all 50 states. Her message is eye-opening, engaging, and entertaining as she shares using dance and drama to reveal our true emotions and how they motivate ALL our choices – both good and bad.

With healthy emotional awareness and tools to manage mental and emotional health, stress and trauma, Susie provides a profound message of prevention that is unparalleled, unforgettable and engaging. She weaves dance, drama and powerful personal stories into her school assemblies and conference keynotes in LEGACY OF HOPE®. Her message is research-based on social, emotional and mental health issues. She brings a Broadway-class” program merged with psychology, empathy, personal experience and HOPE.

In LEGACY OF HOPE, Susie makes the relationship between destructive choices (including opioid addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, self-harm, suicide, depression, grief/loss, gangs) and the underlying emotions and mental health issues of today.  She often follows LEGACY keynotes/assemblies with the DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® Workshop, developed together with husband and clinical psychologist, Ken Vanderlip, Ph.D. This workshop provides the very emotional coping skills that youth and adults desperately need – from mindfulness, quiet mind, clarity of choices, calm, reduction of fear/overwhelm/negative self talk and so much more (See De-Stress for Success for more information.)

Both LEGACY OF HOPE® and DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® programs are profoundly touching and life-changing for both teens and adults. Susie has spoken to over one million youth and adults across the US and Canada at middle schools, high schools, colleges, youth leadership conferences, counseling association conferences, law enforcement/social work/gang prevention events, recovery conferences, foster care/probation/parent awareness events, Catholic confirmation programs, churches and much more. 

Audiences repeatedly exclaim, “This was AWESOME! It made me laugh, cry and identify. Susie is so real, compassionate and sincere. Best assembly ever!
Best part of the whole conference!


Contact:  800-707-1977    Susie@legacyofhope.com

Youth Programs

Delivering an unparalleled and mesmerizing message about the underlying emotions that motivate their choices and the consequences of those choices. Helping them feel safe to reach out for mental and emotional help before their thoughts and feelings interfere with healthy and successful lives.

Parents & Community

Every parent, grandparent and involved community members worries about the well-being and safety of their children. How do we guide them, make them more aware of their feelings and subsequent choices so that they make the good decisions?

Counselors & Teachers

Revitalizing the passion of counselors and teachers, both professionally and personally, acknowledging the invaluable role they play, coping with their own stressors and traumas to be all they can be.

College & Universities

Assessing the needs and wants of your student body for counseling and support programs is essential in thwarting future problems. Help college students grasp that excessive substance abuse, alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts all have an emotional source that can be helped. Susie does help – makes it safe to speak up.


Susie’s professional clients are eager to help employees cope with stress and emotional/social well-being to achieve peak performance. Excellent to couple LEGACY OF HOPE® with DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® to bring awareness and provide tools for mindfulness, life balance, stress management and peak performance.



Filmed in front of an audience of 1,500 adults who care and work with teens plus 100 teenagers, this is our newest and most comprehensive version of LEGACY OF HOPE®.


Full Program plus Q&A with Susie

Filmed in front of a live youth audience of 3,000 teens,this DVD includes over 75 minutes of extended LEGACY OF HOPE® presentation PLUS Question and Answer Session with teens.

52 Ways to Protect Your Teen

Guiding Teens to Good Choices and Success

52 WAYS shares unparalleled insights and rock-solid advice for parents, stepparents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, caregivers and any other adult who cares about or works with teens.

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