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I enjoyed your presentation today (at the California Garden Clubs Conference District Managers Luncheon). Your delivery and photography are inspiring and highly educational. Thank you for working to deliver the message about the Monarch. Connecting children with nature is also a major goal of garden clubs and your book and DVD are great tools to accomplish this difficult goal.

Susie Vanderlip is a dynamic presenter.   Our audience of over 50 garden club members totally enjoyed Susie’s program.  She mesmerized us with incredible live action visuals of monarch butterflies during their various stages of development.  Susie explained to us how she was able to attain these amazing shots.  She motivated our members to want to plant the monarch butterflies’ host plant, milkweed, in our yards and gardens; and she taught us how to nurture those milkweed plants once established.  Susie narrates a well-prepared media show to her audience.  She has created a DVD and a charming fictional book, The Story of Chester, about monarch butterflies, both of which are totally appropriate for young elementary school students.  The Riviera Garden Club in Southern California highly recommends Susie Vanderlip as a speaker for garden clubs, elementary schools and other organizations interested in nature..

I can’t thank you enough for the great lecture. You are fantastic. Everyone seemed thrilled to be there and enjoyed your talk. My sister’s grandchildren were so excited when we got home they were telling me what they had learned and were planning on reading the book and watching the movie. They are planting seeds today. You were a hit with everyone.

Susie is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker on the Monarch Butterfly. Our garden club thoroughly enjoyed her program and learned more than they ever thought possible!

Susie engaged the entire audience for her hour long presentation. Humorous, informative, and passionate best describe her presentation on Monarch butterflies for Laguna Beach Garden Club on March 13, 2015. Her video “The Story of Chester“ enabled us all to witness the wonder of a Monarch’s lifecycle. She is terrific.

Susie shared her wonderful work with monarch butterflies with our K-2 STEM Certificate program teachers.  Her passion and enthusiasm were absolutely contagious and the participating teachers were thoroughly engaged in her presentation.  Many stayed after to take pictures with her and she was kind enough to autograph books for our teachers.  I hope that we can have her share with a new cohort of teachers next year!

Susie was amazing. She created a memorable event that will be unforgettable (for my boys)! (Susie talked all about Monarch butterfly life cycle then released a live Monarch with the help of the quintuplets.)

Linda Hynes I was at H&H nursery buying milkweed and was talking to a nice lady in line…I told her that my friend is a monarch expert and I had just heard her talk She said did she write a book.. I said yes, was it about Chester? I said yes! she said she heard your talk and loved it! She’s been raising them ever since!