Parents, Grandparents and Community Leaders relate to Susie

Every parent worries about the well-being of his/her children as do grandparents and involved community members. How do we guide them to make the good decisions? How do we prepare them to make the responsible choice when offered alcohol, drugs, sexual encounters, gang membership, cheating, bullying, Internet liaisons and other frightening prospects in today’s world? How do we guarantee they won’t drive drunk, try suicide, harm themselves or others?

Powerful Combination – Reach Teens and Parents on the same day!

Every year, Susie presents dozens of Parent-Community Evening Presentations following a day of school assemblies at local schools. Get your teens and parents on the same page! An exceptional opportunity to improve parent-teen communication.

Susie Vanderlip is a compassionate professional with 24 years of experience informing, encouraging and educating adults in how to reach teens on the tough topics. She, understands teenagers’ underlying motives, feelings and pressures like few other adults. She has toured her dramatic, captivating, and thought-provoking LEGACY OF HOPE® one-woman theatrical presentation to one million+ teens and adults in 48 states and several countries. She is renown in middle schools and high schools as the assembly speaker who dazzled the teens and got many to open up for the first time about feelings and needs. As a result, over 25,000 teens have shared their life stories with her.

Susie is well known among middle and high school counselors and teachers, health services organizations, juvenile probation, civic leaders, family and youth non-profit organizations, social services, and others concerned about family and youth across the country. Invite her into your community to alert, inspire, educate, dispel myths, encourage and revitalize parents and adults who care. Susie will share concrete tools and a comprehension of the teen world and do so in an extraordinarily entertaining fashion.

To book a Legacy of Hope® presentation or to request more information, please contact us.