Even in the most demanding and uncertain times, we and our children can achieve increased serenity, acceptance and a sense of peace about life.

Relieving stress from the Body, Mind and Spirit

This Workshop is for every adult and youth whose lives are
touched by overwhelm, anxiety, worry, fear and the uncomfortable emotions that add up to
too much STRESS in our lives!
Contact:  800-707-1977

Workshop Content

Meditation and mindfulness
Modern psychology
Positive self-talk
Hatha Yoga

12-Step Tools
Dance and Martial Arts
Eastern and Western traditions

Even in the most demanding and uncertain times, we and our children can achieve increased serenity, acceptance and a sense of peace about life.
With an arsenal of self-empowering stress management and life balance tools, Susie Vanderlip and husband, Dr. Ken Vanderlip, provide the training and the tools to help. Together and individually, they conduct workshops that radiate unconditional acceptance and encouragement that instill HOPE and calm.

Participants learn concrete methods to handle high-stress lives, refresh in the midst of daily demands and even crisis, and rebalance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual within each of us.

Combining the wisdom of the ancient arts with modern psychology, movement therapies, Yoga, dance, martial arts, 12-Step tools and Eastern and Western traditions.

De-Stress for Success® -A Winning Workshop

Susie Vanderlip and Dr. Ken Vanderlip compassionately guide and inspire the passion, purpose and fulfillment of work, family and play.

Signs of Excess Stress

Employee/teacher burnout is an increasing concern

Morale is down

Disability and medical costs have increased due to accidents, stress-related or induced illness, depression is prevalent, there is concern over alcohol or substance abuse problems

Complaints about chronic neckaches and back aches are common with no apparent injury or underlying cause

Anxiety, irritability, insomnia and exhaustion are common among co-workers

Personal problems are causing school or workplace distractions. Marital discord or divorce has occurred among staff. Employees have pressures from children and spouse that distract at work and interfere with concentration, productivity or increase accidents'

Single parent pressures, aging parents concerns, or other personal problems are spilling over to school or into the workplace.

Your teen is more irritable, anxious, worried, having sleeping difficulties.

Personality conflicts occurring more frequently.

Seeing possible signs of teen drinking, high on pot, hiding in their room more?

High-achieving teen feeling depressed? Sad? Scared? They feel short-lived or no joy in their accomplishments?

Overcoming Stress

Yoga for the Office - Re-Energize your Day the Healthy Way

Less is More for High Achievers and More is Easy for Underachievers

HALT Principle and other ways to Get More Done with Less Effort

Stop Worry Before Worry Stops You

FEAR - Tame the 'Amygdala' Beast

Calming Attitude Adjusters and Positive Self-Talk

Emotional Self-Defense - Handling Difficult Co-workers, Customers, Kids and Parents

Guided Light Meditations

Releases Natural Calming Brain Chemistry

Improves Communication with Customers, Employees, Friends and Family

Increases Hopeful Thoughts, resulting in more Energy & Innovation

Increases Clarity, Creativity, Coping Skills

Feel Refreshed and Relieved of Angst and Anger

Anchors in the Midst of Chaos