Susie Vanderlip

Monarch Conservation Specialist for Monarch Watch, Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist, Speaker, Author of children’s photo storybook on monarchs, Photographer and Videographer        Contact:  800-707-1977   

Susie combines science with literacy, imagination and passion to share with young and old all about the awe and wonder of monarch butterfly life cycle, their migration, their endangered status, and their encouraging example of transformation and change in all of life.

Susie has raised, photographed, spoken and written about, tagged and tested hundreds of Monarch butterflies from her garden starting in April, 2010.

As of 2020, Susie has been appointed the Monarch Conservation Specialist in southern California for Monarch Watch ( She has been a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist and Professional Speaker on monarchs for over seven years. She is devoted to HELPING SAVE MONARCHS by engaging and inspiring the public, developers, city councils, communities to plant Monarch Waystations – milkweed and nectar plants to nourish and support propagation of our iconic monarch butterflies.

Susie has focused much of her professional speaking in the last decade on behalf of monarchs and the environment. Susie is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and an inductee into the NSA Speakers Hall of Fame (CPAE).

She regularly shares her engaging and motivational presentation Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies with children thru adults at schools, garden clubs, expos, conferences, botanic gardens and more.

Her programs include topics that include:

– monarch butterfly life cycle,
– monarch butterfly migration,
– tropical vs native milkweed issues including O.e.
– predators and other challenges to monarch butterflies
– overwintering with stunning photos and video from central coast California and
Michoacán, Mexico sites
– severe decline in monarch butterfly populations and how to help save them
– how to create a monarch butterfly garden/sanctuary
– monarch butterflies as an analogy for human transformation throughout life

As a professional yoga and meditation instructor as well, Susie is often requested to present some of her Yoga for the Gardener instruction or guide a Butterfly Meditation at Monarch Beach Resort in Monarch Beach, California. (

Susie’s programs are always filled with engaging and amusing anecdotes, awe-inspiring videos and stunning photos. Susie receives high praise and recommendations for her presentations, including from a recent garden club talk:
Susie is a fantastic speaker and was so interactive and engaging! Our club members were so impressed. Some said you were the best speaker they have ever heard! We learned a lot in a most fun and enjoyable way.
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In addition,  Susie’s Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva book and movie (DVDs and mp4’s) are absolutely adored by young and old! Her book is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association and satisfies STEM curriculum – great in classrooms for pre-K thru 3rd grade.

In addition, Susie has turned her beautiful photos of Monarch Butterflies, gardens and landscapes into a high-quality line of photo greeting cards available at

The Story of Chester

The Monarch Caterpillar/Larva

Science and Imagination merge in uniquely colorful and engaging books and DVD’s for children to learn about the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies, milkweed and saving Monarchs.

Monarch Butterfly Speaker

Citizen Scientist

Susie Vanderlip is passionate about Monarch Butterflies and shares on such topics as “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies”, “Life Lessons Learned from Monarch Butterflies”, “How to Attract Monarch Butterflies to YOUR Garden” and more. As a professional speaker, photographer and videographer, her presentations are humorous, educational, entertaining and filled with delightful stories, anecdotes, photos and video enjoyed by children and adults alike. Susie brings to life the awe and wonder of Monarch Butterflies for audiences of all ages!

Teachers, parents and kids love what the Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist has to offer!

The Story of

Book and DVD

Filled with science of monarch butterfly life cycle told in a heartwarming story with exquisite and rare photographs.

Creating A


An amazing video of a Monarch caterpillar creating its chrysalis capturing the exact jaw-dropping surprising how it REALLY HAPPENS!

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle


Complete life cycle story through animated, narrated slides and videos that entertain and educate children ages 5-9.

Mr. Praying


An incredible video with amazing nature footage of a praying mantis eating a Monarch butterfly. Sounds gruesome – But it really isn’t!