Susie Vanderlip

Monarch Conservation Specialist in southern California for Monarch Watch, Western Monarch Advocates representative, Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist

Susie Vanderlip is an established and in-demand Live and Virtual Professional Speaker on all aspects of monarch butterfly life cycle, habitat, and threats to the monarch population (global warming, habitat loss, pesticides, Oe, predators and more)
Under her LEGACY consulting firm, she consults, designs, plans and implements monarch butterfly habitats/gardens.
She administers the Facebook Group: Monarch Butterfly Guardians – southern California , gathers post data, and prepares statistical reports to conservation groups on monarch activity in southern California by month, city and county.

She has been a professional speaker for 30 years and is the recipient of Certified Speaking Professional designation and inducted into the National Speakers Association ‘Speakers Hall of Fame’ with 25+ years experience.

Known as the “Monarch Butterfly Whisperer” of Orange County, California, Susie is also Author/Photographic Illustrator, and Producer of The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva children’s book, eBook, and 10-minute live movie. Perfect for ages 3 thru 9.  Contact:  800-707-1977   (See below for more information and availability in SHOP).


Susie is an expert on monarch butterflies and a renowned engaging speaker. She combines science with literacy, imagination and passion enthralling children thru adults. Using photos and video from raising monarchs over 11 years, her PowerPoint presentations awe children 2nd grade up, garden clubs, gardeners raising monarchs, nature groups and more.
EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MONARCH BUTTERFLIES shares amazing info and insights into monarch butterfly life cycle, migration, impact of global warming and pesticides, predators, butterfly gardening and more. Her talks create new wonder about Nature and new HOPE for our own lives! Transformational!

In January 2020, Susie was appointed Monarch Conservation Specialist in southern California for Monarch Watch, a premiere monarch conservation and research organization out of the University of Kansas for over 50 years. And Susie is  a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist. She is devoted to HELPING SAVE MONARCHS by engaging and inspiring the public, developers, city councils, communities, schools, every gardener to plant Monarch Waystations – milkweed and nectar plants to nourish and support propagation of our iconic monarch butterflies.

Susie has been a professional speaker on a variety of topics for over 28 years, has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is one of only 300 people worldwide to be  inducted into the NSA Speakers Hall of Fame (CPAE).

Susie is a consummate virtual as well as live presenter and available to schools (elementary thru high school), homeschoolers, garden clubs, botanic gardens, and more for engaging and motivational Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies presentations.

Educate, entertain, inspire and transform children thru adults, including yourself!


– monarch butterfly life cycle,
– monarch butterfly migration,
– tropical vs native milkweed issues including O.e.
– predators and other challenges to monarch butterflies
– overwintering with stunning photos and video from central coast California and
Michoacán, Mexico sites
– severe decline in monarch butterfly populations and how to help save them
– how to create a monarch butterfly garden/sanctuary
– monarch butterflies as an analogy for human transformation throughout life

NOTE: Susie is also an Al Gore CLIMATE REALITY LEADER and gives virtual and live CLIMATE CHANGE presentations in which she combines information on monarch butterfly decline with the impact of climate change, and much MUCH MORE. Learn more at her Climate Reality page (

See exceptional feedback on Susie Vanderlip

Susie is a fantastic speaker and was so interactive and engaging! Our club members were so impressed. Some said you were the best speaker they have ever heard! We learned a lot in a most fun and enjoyable way.

Learn more about Monarch Butterflies on Susie’s BLOG: All About Monarchs


MONARCH BUTTERFLY HABITAT Consultation, Design, and Implementation

LEGACY: Susie Vanderlip, Monarch Butterfly Conservation Specialist, and partner Marianne Hugo, Horticulturist – Together this duo designs, plans, and implements (including volunteer planting supervision) monarch butterfly habitats for city parks and other environs. In summer of 2021, the City of Dana Point in Orange County, California, hired LEGACY to plant their first monarch butterfly habitat in Sea Terrace Park. The duo also manned an information booth at 5 summer concerts in the park to educate the public about this first garden and plans for multiple other park habitat gardens in Dana Point in 2022.
For more information on retaining the LEGACY consulting services to plant habitat in your city, park or open space, Contact: Susie Vanderlip




Children’s Photo Story Book and Movie on Monarch Life Cycle!

In addition,  Susie is author and producer of The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva book and movie (DVDs and mp4’s) adored by children thru adults. The  book is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association and satisfies STEM curriculum – great in classrooms for pre-K thru 3rd grade. Also an eBook on Amazon, iBook, and Nook. GREAT for use on MacBook for school children.

Gorgeous Greeting Cards

Susie has turned her beautiful photos of Monarch Butterflies, gardens and landscapes into a high-quality line of photo greeting cards available at



Legacy of Hope for the Planet – Climate Reality for NOW! 

Susie is an Al Gore ‘Climate Reality Leader’, trained to present Al Gore’s remarkable Climate Change PowerPoint Presentation. It shares current scientific facts about what is climate change and implores youth and adult audiences to ask themselves:
Must We Change?
Can We Change?
Will We Change?
The presentation is impactful and ends very hopeful. IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND CLIMATE CHANGE and KNOW HOW WE CAN ALL HELP!
Learn more at
Follow important climate posts daily from Susie on climate change on Facebook (search ‘Climate Reality with Susie V’ or go to:

Yoga and Meditation instructor
She presents Virtual and LIVE:
– Yoga for the Gardener
– Butterfly Meditation

The Story of Chester

The Monarch Caterpillar/Larva

Science and Imagination merge in uniquely colorful and engaging books and DVD’s for children to learn about the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies, milkweed and saving Monarchs.

Monarch Butterfly Speaker

Citizen Scientist

Susie Vanderlip is passionate about Monarch Butterflies and shares on such topics as “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies”, “Life Lessons Learned from Monarch Butterflies”, “How to Attract Monarch Butterflies to YOUR Garden” and more. As a professional speaker, photographer and videographer, her presentations are humorous, educational, entertaining and filled with delightful stories, anecdotes, photos and video enjoyed by children and adults alike. Susie brings to life the awe and wonder of Monarch Butterflies for audiences of all ages!

Teachers, parents and children are awed and delighted by the wonder of monarch butterflies Susie shares.

The Story of

Book and DVD

Filled with science of monarch butterfly life cycle told in a heartwarming story with exquisite and rare photographs.

Creating A


An amazing video of a Monarch caterpillar creating its chrysalis capturing the exact jaw-dropping surprising how it REALLY HAPPENS!

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle


Complete life cycle story through animated, narrated slides and videos that entertain and educate children ages 5-9.

Mr. Praying


An incredible video with amazing nature footage of a praying mantis eating a Monarch butterfly. Sounds gruesome – But it really isn’t!