A LEGACY of inspiration, growth, joyful living and life balance.

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NEW OFFERING for therapists, psychologists, nurses, doctors and others whose healthcare profession requires CEU’s:
New Seminar (6 CEU’s) with Ken Vanderlip, Ph.D. and Susie Vanderlip, CPAE, CSP Feb 7, May 8 and Sept 11, 2020 at Santiago Community College in Orange, CA
Mindfulness and the Way of a Compassionate Warrior

De-Stress for

Want to know HOW TO LIVE mindful, less stressed, more productive lives? Dr. Ken Vanderlip and Susie Vanderlip have created the DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® (DSFS) Workbook and DSFS Workshops to guide the way. DSFS  Workbook & Workshops combine Dr. Vanderlip’s 30+ years as a clinical psychologist and expert in EMDR/trauma and his 50 years in  Judo with Susie’s 45 years as a dance and yoga instructor AND 40+ years of meditation for both.  Engaging and life-changing, great workshop combined with LEGACY OF HOPE® Keynote at conferences.

Monarch Butterfly
Citizen Scientist

Learn “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies” from Susie, a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist who has raised, photographed and video-taped hundreds of monarchs in her garden. She is author and producer of  The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva book and movie for children ages 3 and up, recommended by the National Science Teachers Association for use in schools. Susie is a renowned speaker at botanic gardens, garden clubs, womens clubs and schools.

Capture the imagination and the mind of youth and adults with this thought-provoking, memorable and emotionally moving theatrical Keynote and School Assembly. Using dance, drama and powerful personal stories, Susie  tells it as it is and totally engages audiences on tough prevention issues (alcohol, drug, opioids, suicide, self-harm and gangs). Audiences gain amazing awareness into how feelings and mental health impact destructive choices. Then she gives them HOPE!

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Take Dr. Ken and Susie Vanderlip’s products home or give as gifts to those you care about. They offer a variety of highest quality products across all their areas of endeavor that engage, educate, amaze, awe and encourage children thru adults: books, workbooks, DVD’s, Audio downloads, cards and prints

Greeting Cards
and Prints

Don’t miss the chance to say Happy Birthday, Congrats, Thinking of You, Sympathy, holiday greetings in an incredibly beautiful way? Send one of Susie’s gorgeous photo greeting cards. Photos on the front and the inside, on high quality paper, plus simple inscriptions make your thoughtful gesture of sending a card forever remembered. Available to both retail and wholesale customers.

Yoga for Daily Life

Feel less tired, stressed, stiff and achy, frustrated, overwhelmed, unmotivated. Small amounts of yoga in every day life can make the difference! Susie has practices and taught Hatha Yoga for over 40 years. She shares EASY, HELPFUL stretches and moves to do at the Beginning, During and End of YOUR to rejuvenate your body, relax your mind and uplift your spirit! QUICK, EASY VIDEOS for any age.

The Vanderlip’s share, encourage, teach, facilitate, counsel and inspire others with their…




And guide children thru adults to happiness, joy, healing, beauty, improved relationships, inner peace, enthusiasm, passion, and hope.

Dr. Ken and Susie Vanderlip leave a LEGACY of inspiration, growth, joyful living and life balance. Their work and their lives embody the importance of living a positive, healthy lifestyle – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.