A LEGACY of inspiration, growth, joyful living and life balance.

De-Stress for

Dr. Ken Vanderlip and Susie Vanderlip have created the DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS® Workbook and Workshops – tools and skills for youth thru adults to live  mindful, less stressful, more productive and fulfilling lives. They have incorporated a wide body of life experience, education and training including Dr. Vanderlip’s 30+ years as a clinical psychologist, both Ken and Susie as certified Actualism meditation instructors, Ken’s 50 years in the martial art of Judo, Susie’s 45 years as a dance and yoga instructor/performer/practitioner, and several other mind/body/spirit practices. Excellent in combination with the LEGACY OF HOPE® Keynote at conferences on all topics as everyone seeks a more peaceful, peak performance, on point lifestyle.

Monarch Butterfly
Citizen Scientist

As a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist who has raised, photographed and video-taped hundreds of monarchs in her garden, Susie shares the wonder and awe of Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle in her beautiful photographic children’s storybook and live-action movie, The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva and her lovely photographic greeting card line. Susie is renowned in garden clubs and botanic gardens for her enthusiastic, educational and engaging live presentation – “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Monarch Butterflies”

Perhaps the most thought-provoking, memorable and profoundly moving Conference Keynote or School Assembly Program teens and adults will ever witness. Using dance, drama and powerful personal stories, Susie Vanderlip addresses Alcohol/Drug/Opioid/Suicide/Self-Harm and Violence Prevention and Social/Emotional Coping Skills for teens and adults. Susie has toured to over one-million youth and adults across the United States and Canada for 25 years. She has presented in middle school and high school auditoriums/gymnasiums; local thru national youth conferences;  adult conferences for counselors, therapists, communities, law enforcement, foster parents, gang and violence summits, and more; parent awareness; teen mental health; and much much more. Susie is author of the award-winning book 52 Ways to Protect Your Teen. Her book and DVD of live LEGACY OF HOPE® performances are available thru the Shop on this website.

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Dr. Ken and Susie Vanderlip are available for corporate functions, conference keynotes, school assemblies, special presentations and workshops.

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Dr. Ken and Susie Vanderlip offer a variety of products across the spectrum to engage, educate and encourage children thru adults: books, workbooks, DVD’s, Audio downloads, cards and prints

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Susie’s full line of beautiful photo greeting cards and high quality prints for all occasions and holidays including, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and much more.
Available to both retail and wholesale customers.

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BENEV pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutraceutical products provide long lasting health and youthful beauty to its consumers.

The Vanderlip’s share, encourage, teach, facilitate, counsel and inspire others with their…




And guide children thru adults to happiness, joy, healing, beauty, improved relationships, inner peace, enthusiasm, passion, and hope.

Dr. Ken and Susie Vanderlip leave a LEGACY of inspiration, growth, joyful living and life balance. Their work and their lives embody the importance of living a positive, healthy lifestyle – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Together they have reached over one million children, youth and adults all across the USA and Canada on

Stress management and Life Balance

Prevention – alcohol and drug abuse, Teen pregnancy, gangs, AIDS, violence, self-injury, suicide, bullying and more

‘Emotional Wisdom’ to improve personal State of mind and better relationships

Nature’s Monarch Butterfly life cycle in books, movies, and presentations that combine science, art and spirit to inspire the lives of children through seniors

Yoga, Martial Arts and Zumba infused energizers and workshops

Photographic Inspiration in greeting cards to touch and encourage the people we care about

What makes them

The variety of their experience professionally and personally

The unique and creative ways they communicate to others

The passion and lifelong consistency of their messages