Critical Factor in Life Choices: Emotional Wisdom and Healthy Emotional Coping Skills – for Youth and Adults

AWARENESS AND EDUCATION lead to healthy choices about

LEGACY OF HOPE®  is a one-woman theatrical presentation that is  mesmerizing, impactful and current prevention and healthy choice message. Exceptional as a middle and high school assembly and conference keynote that both youth and adults find unforgettable and life-changing. Effective in helping fight opioid abuse, illegal drug-abuse, alcohol abuse, self-harm, gangs, irresponsible sexuality, and other self-destructive choices that many youth and adults turn to in order to cope with the feelings, stress and challenges of life.

Susie Vanderlip keeps the message honest, direct and profoundly clear how our emotions impact our choices and the role that social-emotional well-being has on life success and academic achievement of youth. LEGACY OF HOPE® instantly captivates an audience with riveting, profound and eye-opening character portrayals while imparting current research-based brain processing and social/emotional insights into youth and families. Susie Vanderlip is an internationally renowned performance artist/speaker that has NO fear of communicating to both youth and adults clearly and profoundly about the emotional issues adolescents bring into the classroom each and every day. With 20+ years’ experience traveling across the US and Canada, speaking to over one million youth and coaching 25,000 troubled teens to healthy choices, Susie speaks from experience, scientific research, and artistry.

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Today’s educators are expected to integrate science with literacy and the arts. Educators in alternative education deserve to be entertained as well while deepening their understanding of how emotional influences deeply impact choice. Both research driven and reality-based, this presentation delivers sound psychological research into decision making and the impact of childhood trauma on how youth perceive their world. Using dance, drama and powerful personal stories, the message is more than an intellectual message. The theatrical arts touch the audience deep within the heart so that attendees leave with increased compassion as well as healthy detachment for the troubled youth they work with. Educators gain more clarity and ability for ‘self-care’ while working on the “front lines” of today’s troubled teens.

This keynote addresses the challenges that youth must face, such as the risk factors involving sex, drugs, and violence, including bullying and suicide, self-harm, grief, loss and PTSD.

Adults who work with youth leave with renewed hope and dedication to the work that they do and the recognition that everything they do from a place of empathy and healthy boundaries can be the very difference that redirects and even saves a student’s life.

Youth leave with the awareness that they are not the only ones coping with serious family problems such as alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence, abandonment, molestation and more. And they leave knowing it is OK to reach out and ask for help. They leave with HOPE.

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