Yoga for the Gardener DVD



DVD Version – for use on computers and DVD players!
Here’s HOW TO GARDEN with more strength, flexibility and less aches, pains and injuries.

Susie is an avid gardener and passionate yoga practitioner and instructor – both for over 40 years. In addition, she teaches both yoga and Zumba Gold to
students from 20 to 92 years old! She combines three of her prominent passions: yoga, gardening and helping people of ALL ages feel safe, healthy and happy
moving their bodies in real-life activities.

She produced this welcoming, easy, practical and encouraging 13-minute VIDEO to guide everyone in stretches, bends and twists = Yoga for BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Gardening. You can use it all for all other everyday activities in your life as well. Very senior-friendly. Good for EVERY body 🙂 Subtitles and voice narration throughout.