SOS (Seniors Over Sixty) Dance Crew is a group of seniors from 60 to 93 years old with amazing spunk, energy, and enthusiasm and  love to inspire others, young and old, to dance and exercise throughout life. The dance group was founded in 2014 by Zumba Gold Instructor, Susie Vanderlip, with a dozen of her senior students.  Today it has grown to over 2 dozen seniors determined to love life and live longer. Every one of Vanderlip’s students agree that dance exercise makes them happy, energized, and full of joy.

THE MISSION of SOS is now to share and inspire others through the joy of dance as they perform FLASH MOBS at events, grocery stores, and unexpected places as well as perform and inspire at assisted living facilities for the elderly!
Contact: Susie Vanderlip 800-707-1977

ZUMBA GOLD CLASSES with Susie Vanderlip and Crew
As of April 2021, Susie teaches Zumba Gold classes open to everyone at:
24 Hour Fitness, Orange Active Club
3521 E. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869
 Tuesday’s 10:30am-11:30am      Friday’s   9:30am-10:3am       
Email: for more info       

The first SOS Dance Crew FLASH MOB was at a Starbucks in Orange, CA in 2014!
The Crew danced to the perfect theme song for both Starbucks and the Dance Crew:
“That’s the Way (I Like It)!” In 2015, that Flash Mob was featured in a Starbucks ad campaign in several online magazines:
The 12 Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened at Starbucks
(Check out #9 – SOS Dance Crew Flash mob!)

Since then, SOS has performed Flash Mobs every year for the Aquarium of the Pacific ‘Seniors Day’, multiple Irvine Global Village Festivals, and a Flash Mob every spring at Albertsons Grocery Store on Chapman in Orange, Ca,
to uplift and inspire shoppers and employees! The first Albertson’s Grocery Store Flash Mob, dancing down the store aisles to the check stands, garnered 140,000 views on Facebook! In addition, SOS Dance Crew auditioned for the 2016 Season of America’s Got talent and performed a professional program for the STEAM Conference of 2,000 attendees at the Anaheim Convention Center in December 2019. SOS has consistently presented high-energy 45-minute dance programs at senior living/assisted living facilities to entertain and uplift assisted living and memory care elderly for over 8 years.

Throughout the pandemic lockdown from March 2020 thru April 2021, SOS Director Susie Vanderlip taught the crew Dance Exercise over YouTube Live and Facebook Live to keep everyone active and hopeful!  Susie taught virtual classes 2 days a week and has created a
large playlist of dance exercise classes for others to enjoy:

Aquarium of the Pacific ‘Senior Day’
October 3, 2022

SOS Dance Crew performed 4 dances to a welcoming crowd!
See all the dances on YouTube: SOS Dance Crew – Aquarium of the Pacific – 2022 – YouTube

Masked and in the parking lot of the Albertson’s Grocery on Chapman in Orange
SOS Dance Crew showed their tenacity and dedication to dance, continuing to take class
over YouTube and Facebook Live with Susie throughout the pandemic!
See one dance from this heroic Flash Mob:
See many more SOS Dance Crew Flash Mob and performance videos at:


Anaheim Visitor and Convention Center and California Teachers Association STEAM Teachers Conference
Hired SOS Dance Crew in December 2019
to perform a Flash Mob their annual convention for over 2,500 attendees!
We collaborated with the Chino Hills High School Dance Team
to create a rousing and uplifting Flash Mob that energized the entire crowd.
Flash Mob VIDEO
Big Screen Projection VIDEO

SOS Dance Crew was founded by Director and Zumba Gold Instructor, Susie Vanderlip from a class at Custom Bodies Fitness in Irvine, CA. The SOS Dance Crew is a family of culturally diverse seniors (African-American, Caucasian, Chinese, East Indian, Japanese, Pilipino, Taiwanese, Latin, and more). We continue to rehearse and hold Zumba Gold class every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30am-10:30am at Custom Bodies Fitness in the Momentous Sports Center at 14522 Myford, Irvine, CA. Come join us!

SOS Dance Crew believes that “EVERY BODY can DANCE!” And wish to inspire everyone of all ages to get up off the couch and MOVE!
Do it for your health. Do it for FUN! Do it to EMBRACE LIFE!

Enjoy Videos below!
SOS Dance Crew Photo Album here!
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SOS Dance Crew Bios here!
SOS Dance Crew Performance Calendar
Letter of Recommendation: 2019-10-24 The Covington Letter of Recommendation

May 13, 2017 Flash-Mob-Albertsons




45-Minute Presentation at The Covington Assisted Living - April 29, 2019

SOS Dance Crew FLASH MOB at STARBUCKS to "That's the Way (I Like It)"

LA DANZA DEL VAQUERO at The Covington April 25, 2019


Halloween Show at San Clemente Villas Senior Living

Flash Mob at Aquarium of the Pacific 'Senior Day' 2017 (4 years in a row!)

Flash Mob at Irvine Global Village Festival - 2015

July 11, 2015 Flash-Mob-Albertsons