Butterfly Habitat – Medium 12x12x24


Medium White Pop-Up Habitat (Plastic Window)
12″ x 12″ x 24″
Made with an elasticized zipper covering to keep caterpillars and butterflies safer!
Handles at the top of all our cages for easy carrying.
Great for raising caterpillars and emerging butterflies, the medium white pop-up is made of paratasoid-resistant netting
and has one clear plastic panel for easy viewing.  All pop-up habitats can be washed/sanitized by hand and fold flat for convenient storage.

To rear a monarch caterpillar into a butterfly in this habitat, place a paper towel on the bottom and change it every day to remove
caterpillar frass (poop) to avoid disease. You can place a one to two gallon milkweed plant in the habitat and place caterpillars on the plant.
Place only 3 or 4 caterpillars on the plant to make sure you have enough milkweed leaves to feed them all (each caterpillar eats approximately
32 leaves in the 12-14 days it is a caterpillar/larva).  Water the plant regularly. Drooping leaves means you are not watering the plant enough.

Before putting any caterpillars on the plant, you may choose to spray the leaves with a 5% bleach to water solution. Let plant stand for 60 seconds,
spray the leaves off and pat dry. This kills/diminishes any O.e. on the plant.

When the caterpillar is fully grown (12-14 days), it will crawl off the milkweed plant up to the top of the cage and make its chrysalis. It will be in the
chrysalis 2 weeks. Watch for the day it goes from green to black and orange. The chrysalis has thinned, and you are seeing the butterfly inside.
That is the day it will eclose (emerge)! Stay close and watch. It’s quite amazing! Let the newly eclosed monarch hang for at least 2 hours and it is
opening and closing its wings.

Release it from the cage into the sky! FYI – if it is a cold or rainy day (colder than 55 degrees), you can wait until the
next morning to release it. After that, if you keep it in the cage that second day due to climate outside, place a small dish with sugar water and a
piece of fresh sponge on the bottom of the cage for the butterfly to drink. You may also put in slices of orange or watermelon. Do not try to keep
it as a “pet” in the cage. It will not survive. It needs to go out and fly and drink nectar from flowers 🙂

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