#1 Best seller – THE STORY OF CHESTER, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva Book (2015)

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The Story of Chester BOOK is filled with science about the monarch butterfly life cycle told in an engaging story with exquisite and rare photographs. Great for children ages 3 thru 10. Satisfies STEM curriculum requirements for life science and in use in Pre K thru 3rd grade classrooms.  Delightful colorful storybook to share with kids and grandkids. Great gift for K-3rd grade teachers, add to school library, or throughout your school district.

Excellent when paired with The Story of Chester MOVIE (DVD or mp4) live-action 10-minute movie – children see real-life Chester caterpillar eat, interact with other caterpillars, go on his trek to make a chrysalis and actually emerge (eclose) from his chrysalis as a magnificent butterfly.

Bring life science to life through stories!
Book approved by the California State Parks.

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