“How do you look so young over 55?”

I take care of my skin with BENEV!

As I’ve performed across the US for parents, educators, mental health professionals, school counselors and many more adult venues, I’ve been flattered to be repeatedly asked, “How do you look so young over 55?” THERE IS ONE AND ONLY ONE ANSWER:

I take care of my skin — with BENEV.

As a professional speaker/performer portraying characters from 14 to 40, my ability to look young has been a professional necessity. Thanks to God, I’ve been given a good life and good genes, but I’VE ALSO DONE WHAT IS NECESSARY AND REWARDING!

So, I decided it is TIME TO SHARE THE SECRETS and to help others feel that good feeling of knowing we look the best we can for the age we’re at! There is nothing like looking in the mirror and not grimacing! It’s A-OK to age, but I also want to like the way the woman looks that I see in the mirror. How about you? 🙂

Gals, WE DO DESERVE IT! And KEEP IT SIMPLE! None of us has time for a complex program. See the products that I rely on daily since July, 2004. They are exceptional quality and these products have assured me that I still have a job! I HAVE to look young to do my LEGACY OF HOPE character portrayals, so teens will believe me. Just as importantly, I feel younger even on my toughest days because my appearance encourages me rather than discourages me. You can purchase my start-up regimen at an Introductory Discount price now.

I went to BENEV – the manufacturer of the products that I’ve purchased from my dermatologist and have used religiously for the past 4 years. I told them that many women I speak to want to look as young as they still feel. We want to feel that our 50’s really ARE the new 40’s. That the 40’s really ARE the new 30’s. And 30-somethings want to KEEP their skin young by starting NOW.

But WHOSE GOT TIME to get to a physician’s office for our skincare products? We’re too busy. We need something simple and accessible. And…




You see, BENEV is a specialized cosmeceutical company – an exemplary class-act with FDA-approved cosmological products. They have the purest contents (which has been critical for me since I have sensitive and reactive skin) and also have the necessary potency in their products to REALLY do the job of reducing wrinkles by exfoliating sufficiently to assure that the good stuff sinks in and promoting our aging skin to produce that essential youthful ingredient – collagen. I love my start-up regimen which I hope you will consider trying at an Introductory Discount price and love your skin, too!

Over-the-counter and department store products do not have all these qualities or potency. BENEV works! I’ve used their Glycolic Washes and Redoxa product for close to 3 years! My skin proves it!!


You’ll never regret the investment in your skin when people say to you,

“No WAY, you look 10 years younger than you really are!”

“Your skin looks fantastic!”

Enjoy the blessing of looking and feeling YOUNGER!