Susie’s DAILY BENEV SKINCARE ROUTINE since July, 2004 with GREAT results

Key is clean skin without drying out the skin

Consider an over-the-counter gentle cleanser such as CEtaphil or Benev’s PEARL Cleanser

An alternative to oily and sticky cleansers, quickly removes makeup residue and other impurities, leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed. A gentle cleanser recommended for normal to sensitive skin.

Remove the dead cells to prepare skin to absorb nutrients that correct damage and signs of aging

Glycolic Face and Body Wash 10% – Morning

With 10% glycolic acid, deeply cleans and exfoliates damaged and acne prone skin of the body and face. Its mild lather, free of fragrance and dye, thoroughly cleanses and refreshes your skin.

Use only the purist of ingredients without fragrances so products soothe and nourish, without irritation.

Redoxa Dermal Repair Cream – Morning and/or night

Rejuvenates old and weakening tissues by utilizing the natural life-extension substance Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which extends the life of the cells. The interaction shortens and tightens the tissues, preventing sagging and flattening typicallyassociated with aging skin. Fine lines around the lips and eyes are repaired while the loss of firmness in the skin around the neck, eyelids and cheeks is counteracted. Redoxa restores a smooth surface and youthful glow to the skin utilizing Vitamin C (15%), essential for the production of collagen. The skin is protected from environmental damage by Vitamin E, an essential skin care nutrient that that also moisturizes and calms inflammation.

BENEV® GF Eye Gel – Morning

A premium under eye treatment designed to prevent dryness, diminishes the appearance of dark circles and brighten the delicate skin around the eye area. The unique blend of active ingredients are specially formulated to help prevent wrinkles, decrease capillary permeability, increase lymphatic circulation, improve skin firmness and elasticity while reducing the inflammation to help control puffiness and significantly rejuvenate the skin texture under the eyes. BENEV® Eye Cream assists in revitalizing the overall appearance of your eyes, suggesting a younger you.

Face Sunblock SPF-25

ABSOLUTELY Every morning and as needed during day – Over-the-counter Face Sunblock and put on face, neck, chest, back of hands and forearms!

Enjoy the blessing of looking and feeling YOUNGER!