Outline of LEGACY OF HOPE Presentation Content

Outline of LEGACY OF HOPE Presentation Content

Susie Vanderlip’s
Outline of Presentation

I. Eight Character Portrayals based on real people:

• Gang Banger full of anger and rage with abusive, alcoholic father;
• Cheerleader with alcoholic father trying to please him;
• Young Adult Female Party Girl relying on boyfriend with addiction issues;
• Drunk who illustrates impulse issues but adds some brevity;
• Wife of Abusive Alcoholic at her wits end and physically abused;
• Drunk Grandmother upset over 14-year-old daughter who’s had a baby;
• Middle-School Girl who parties and has contracted HIV;
• Teen Girl overwhelmed by grief and loss as her grandfather has died and was her main source of stability, her best friend was bullied on Twitter and has commit suicide, and she is cutting on herself to cope.

II. Processing of Characters with Lessons in diversity; compassion vs
bullying/gossip; alcohol and drug awareness; insights into gang behavior;
self-harm, suicide, and teen depression; and teen sexuality

III. Explanation of Brain Growth and Processing and Impact upon Teens

IV. Discussion of Emotional Awareness/Wisdom and Audience Exercise

V. Real -life story about 15-Year-Old Girl and 17-Year-Old Boy and
their journey through a marriage impacted by alcoholism, addiction,
anger, rage, resentment, suicidal thoughts, and the eventual overdose
and death of the boy/man at 35 years of age.

VI. Four Keys to Healing and Hopeful Living including encouragement
to set a personal policy to “Feel and Deal– Identify feelings and
deal with them in healthy ways” vs hiding, denying and suppressing
them with addictions, violence against self or others, etc.

VII. Closing with Uplifting Character Portrayal – True life story of Julio, the Gangbanger and
Opening character – Reached out for help to identify and express his grief, loss and resulting
anger and rage. As a result, graduated from high school AND college, and works in a juvenile
probation department helping others turn their lives around, too.

VIII. Questions and Answers with Audience