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Two lists of nectar plants that monarch butterflies drink nectar form. The lists were provided by nurseries and monarch butterfly enthusiasts....

Excellent description of every stage of Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle with helpful photos to guide you in appreciating and raising monarch butterflies in...

Have your butterfly garden officially designated a Monarch Waystation! Receive a certificate and purchase a garden plaque. ...

Because they continue to bring such joy to me and to many others, I have photographed butterflies in my garden for 11 years...

Learn what and when to plant milkweed and nectar plants to create a Butterfly Waystation in YOUR garden!...

Monarch butterflies are in severe decline. Learning about their miraculous life cycle and behaviors motivates us all to do all we can to...

What are the reasons for the severe decline of eastern and western monarch butterflies? Learn how you can help SAVE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES!...

By NOV 1ST - TIME TO PRUNE TROPICAL (EXOTIC) MILKWEED! If you live on the West Coast and bought milkweed from Home Depot, Lowes,...

Watch video on how O.e. Testing of Newly eclosed Monarch Butterfly is done by Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist...

Many of us who raise monarch butterflies as well as children and adult visitors are greatly amused and entertained by monarch caterpillar behavior....

See Live action MONARCH Butterfly female Laying eggs on milkweed in my garden! Stunning! ...