The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly – Pollinator Project

The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly – Pollinator Project

WATCH  the new Discovery Channel documentary on Monarchs and Toyota Corporation butterfly habitats at all their factories:

The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly – The Pollinator Project

Premiering this Sunday on Discovery Channel.
I, Susie Vanderlip, as Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist for southern California was honored to be on a panel of 3 in southern California that were taped for the documentary, and Dr. Chip Taylor,
Director and Founder of Monarch Watch, was interviewed extensively, among others.

More info at:
‘The Flight Of The Monarch Butterfly – The Pollinator Project’ To Air On Discovery, Science Channel And Animal Planet (

The premiere of the full documentary can be viewed at:

Discovery Channel:                Sunday, July 25 at 8:30 AM (EDT & PDT) 

Science Channel:                  Thursday, July 29 at 5:00 PM (EDT & PDT) 

Animal Planet:                       Saturday, July 31 at 8 AM (EDT & PDT) 

Read all about Toyota’s Environmental ‘Challenge 6: Operate in Harmony with Nature’
2020 Toyota North American Environmental Report

Seventeen Toyota sites across North America have planted pollinator gardens to nurture monarch butterflies and other pollinator species. All 17 gardens are along the monarch migration path. The gardens provide food and shelter to the butterflies at various stages of their life cycle as they make their way south for the winter, then return in the spring.