Elevated Radio Interviews with Susie Vanderlip

Elevated Radio Interviews with Susie Vanderlip

Listen to web radio station Elevated Radio to hear Susie’s interviews on
“Mindfulness and Healthy Emotional Coping Skills”

5/8/19 How Emotions Impact Choice and how important it is to have tools to cope with life stress. 15-minutes
Susie shares insights into how emotions impact our choices. Listen to how we are taught to “hide, deny and suppress” our feelings”
by our families, culture and society. And yet, emotions color every choice we make, consciously and unconsciously. Susie encourages
facing our feelings and using tried and true mindfulness tools to relax and process emotions through the body, the mind and the spirit.

5/15/19 – Physical ways to cope with stress and experience mindfulness. 30-minutes
Susie teaches YOGA for 24 Hour Fitness and Zumba Gold dance for Custom Bodies Fitness. She has 40 years experience
helping people use easy, beginner yoga and fun dance exercise to cope with emotions and stress. Her students have been 12 to 92 years old! Listen in as Susie focuses on ways to deal with emotions through our physical nature by:
– Focus on breathing. Susie shares a specific technique with the audience.
– Physical activity/exercise to bring our focus into the present – YOGA, dance
– Nature – gardening, noticing the sky, consciously choosing to use our senses to notice details in our surroundings.

5/22/19 – Coping with stress and emotions with the mind.  Easy, practical and effective self-talk and slogans EVERYONE can use
right away to ease the anxieties and stressors of everyday life. 30-minutes

5/27/19 – How to cope with Relationship Stress. Healthy emotional coping tools in relationships including situations
where someone has an alcohol or addiction problem. 30-minutes

6/5/19 –  Stress and Healthy Emotional Coping Skills for Loss, Disappointment and Grief
Susie explores how to deal with emotional upset from life’s painful moments. 30-minutes

6/12/19 – What is mindfulness? How to get there with meditation. The benefits and when to use meditation to cope
with emotions. Susie leads a short LIVE 5-minute guided meditation at the end of the interview. 30-minutes

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