#2 Best Seller – THE STORY OF CHESTER, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva Movie – DVD


The Story of Chester MOVIE is an engaging and enthralling LIVE-ACTION experience for children ages 2 thru 9!

The movie shares the enthralling and heartwarming story about real life “CHESTER, THE CATERPILLAR” that kids love! Watch as Chester eats and grows, on his journey to becoming a magnificent monarch butterfly! Includes amazing footage of CHESTER emerging (eclosing) from his chrysalis as a new butterfly!

I was amazed to see my 6 year-old sit through the FULL DVD without moving – absolutely enthralled! He watched it 3 more times!” says a happy mom.
“I gave the book and movie to my 3 year-old niece, and she watched the DVD 8 times that day and she and her mom read the book twice!”

The Story of Chester MOVIE is excellent combined with the BOOK.  Children fall in love with science through this engaging story telling, and they see their future as an exciting adventure, just like that of monarch butterflies!

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